NESTA Offers 2-day Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Workshops

Get certified and be a personal fitness trainer at NESTA's 2-day personal fitness training workshop in just one weekend.

Get certified and be a personal fitness trainer at NESTA's 2-day personal fitness training workshop in just one weekend.
Planning on starting up a career as a personal fitness trainer? NESTA's 2-day intensive personal fitness workshop provided by Training Made Fun is surely the right way to go. The training will provide the minimum required education to start up work as a personal trainer.

Candidates that register and undergo the 2-day training at will gain sufficient knowledge levels in the areas of functional anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, and program design. They will also get hands-on instruction focused on functional and traditional exercise applications, usage of various equipment types and tools, and advisement on how to progress or regress each exercise.

"Getting certified gets you the minimum education requirement for working as a personal trainer. The education you receive during the process of the workshop weekend will astound you," said John Spencer Ellis, founder of NESTA. "You can come to the workshop to get certified by NESTA, or you can come to simply learn more about the science and application of personal training than you ever thought you could receive in a single weekend. Your possibilities are endless, but you must first show up and take in all that you can."

The training also aims at making people realize the fun in training and working out. Training Made Fun is a sports and fitness training company focusing on the education and professional development of personal trainers, instructors, and coaches.

People who prefer to study in the comfort of their homes and at their own pace can also take advantage of NESTA's online Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Course.

NESTA is a professional fitness association offering a wide range of primary, advanced and specialized educational programs. With over 55,000 members spread across the world, the association is one of the largest and fastest growing associations in the world. For more information about NESTA and the fitness training workshops please visit

NESTA Fitness School
30245 Tomas
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

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