Creative Concrete Products Announces Mobile Home Re-Leveling Service

Creative Concrete Products, LLC has announced the launch of a mobile home re-leveling service for customers in Washington State.

Creative Concrete Products, LLC has announced the launch of a mobile home re-leveling service for customers in Washington State.
Mount Vernon, WA – Serving customers throughout Washington State, the recently launched mobile home re-leveling service from Creative Concrete Products, LLC is intended for mobile home owners who have notice a change in level, usually as a result of ground settling. Homes out of level can create simple nuisances or present serious problems which can compromise structural integrity. The company produces a concrete skirting for mobile homes called Duraskirt, providing a leveling solution for manufactured and mobile homes.

Duraskirt has been installed on more than 3,000 homes. Professional installers have been trained and specialized in this area, and are employed to understand the specific needs of homes and make the appropriate repairs. Mobile homes and even manufactured ones built before 1995 often sit on steel frames supported by piers, instead of a permanent foundation. The young industry did not foresee the problems that could lie ahead.

Permanent foundation solutions are now available, adding years and decades to the life of homes experiencing settling. The signs of this are usually obvious. Mobile home owners might notice squeaking in the floors or have trouble opening or closing doors and windows, which might also jam. Uneven floors, cracks in the walls, bowed skirting, rusted piers, and intrusions by rodents are other signs the ground has settled beneath the home. In these cases, it is urgently necessary to call a re-leveling service to get on top of the problem.

When the ground settles the foundation or blocking of the home, shifted soil can leave gaps between foundation supports and the structure’s I-beams. Installers can address the problem by using the Duraskirt system. The company offers full installation service and also provides the individual parts of the system if requested. An installation manual is also available for download, complete with engineering information.

To aid in understanding the product and service the company provides videos demonstrating different methods of installing or optimizing the foundation system. These include videos on how to cut the Duraskirt concrete panels, create a vent hole in the skirting, and conceal joints, plus a demonstration on brackets.

For homeowners noticing signs of leveling, the company makes it very easy to contact professionals online.  A form to schedule an appointment is available. It allows a preferred date and time of the visit to be entered, and provides a window for writing in comments about the issue.  For customers requiring more insight, there is also a Home Re-Leveling Explanation page, explaining the re-adjustment process that manufacturers recommend done every five to seven years.

In addition to re-leveling, the company’s technicians look for problems associated with mobile home add-ons such as carports, decks, or other attachments.  They also look for improper repairs, improper plumbing connections or electrical equipment, and more, while drainage issues and torn vapor barriers are checked for as well.  Older homes often have deteriorated materials which also might not comply with current industry standards; these are removed and replaced.

In cases where it is required, a complete foundation reconditioning can be performed.  Experts replace piers and pads, remove debris, and make necessary repairs.  Seismic support systems, exterior renovations, painting, roofing service, gutter repair, and vapor barrier installations are also provided if need be.

Creative Concrete Products, LLC now offers a mobile home re-leveling service in addition to its complete range of manufactured and mobile home services. A 50% discount is offered for any re-level job upgraded to Duraskirt.

To learn more, obtain a free estimate, and contact the company, visit or call 360-419-9909.

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