You can have Younger Skin without Surgery says London Clinic

One of the very few certainties in life is that you will age, everybody gets wrinkled over time. Until recently the only way to get firmer, younger looking skin and cheat the signs of ageing was by enduring invasive surgery. But now thanks to laser technology skin can be made to look younger without the high cost, recovery time and sometimes risk that traditional surgical procedures pose.
One London clinic is pleased to offer a new service, this service is called near infra-red skin tightening (NIR). The NIR procedure heats the dermis layer of the patients skin promoting collagen production, this collagen production makes the treated skin appear plumper and firmer without the need for invasive surgery. Invasive was once the only option if you wanted firmer, younger and less wrinkly skin.

NIR can be used to treat wrinkly, loose skin the face, neck, stomach and legs. Treatments can usually be carried out in an hour or less and require no anaesthetic or recovery time.

Pulse light clinic has very experienced staff based in central London, the clinics location and the speed of Soprano XL treatment means they can offer revolutionary skin tightening, very conveniently for City workers who want to get younger looking skin pain free, in their lunch hour.

The clinic describe the treatment on their website, they say “During treatment a cooling gel is applied and precise pulses of light are delivered to the target areas. Clients report little or no pain, the sensation is sometimes described as a little like an elastic band snapping on the skin. Clinical trials by leading authorities document the safety and effectiveness of this treatment.”

There is only one side effect of Soprano XL, it is that after treatment the skin may appear a little red for about 1 hour.

Pulse light clinic have more than 10 years of experience when it comes to IPL, laser tattoo and hair removal. The London based clinic is very pleased to able to add the non-invasive Soprano XL skin tightening procedures to the list of services their very experienced staff can offer.

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