Memorising 160 Colours in a Row! Singapore Boasts New World Record Holder

Memory Expert Smashes Current World Record

Singapore -- On Sunday 14 April 2012, Singapore citizen, Sancy Suraj, broke the Guinness World Record™ by memorizing 160 colours shown in a random sequence. The previous record was set by Nishant Kasibathla whom only managed to memorise 100 colours. Sancy Suraj is also the founder of memory training company, Pinnacle Minds.

"I trained hard for this record. I saw that the previous record holder only managed 100 colours and I knew I could beat that! I’m younger, faster and I’ve mastered way more effective memorization techniques. Nonetheless, it feels really good to be the best in the whole world at something, even though it’s just for colour memorisation." Sancy Suraj.

Sancy has his name etched in the Guinness Book of World Record for the "longest colour sequence memorized" having successfully recalled the sequence of 160 primary colours without any error. He managed to memorise all 160 in 5 minutes 20 seconds.
This amazing event, held at ITE College East at its Staff Clubhouse, Singapore, was recorded in front of a live audience and two official witnesses.

When asked if he had any more records he plans to break or set, Sancy replied “Yes. I plan to break many more records. A vast majority of the memory records out there can be broken, and are broken constantly. You’ll just have to wait and see which record I’ll go for next.”

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