500 Hour Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Certifcate Program Hits 1000


With the rise in genetically modified foods and food sources with depleted vitamins, minerals and food supply threats such as pesticides, chemicals and additives, holistic nutrition has grown and will continue to grow in the year 2014. This upward swing signals a growing need for practitioners of holistic health. It is predicted that Holistic Health Nutrition Counselors will earn up to $81k as the demand for certified counselors grows and out paces supply of such counselors. However, one holistic health academy has set about to be a leader in the industry and is now celebrating 1000 successful student certifications – the New Jersey Academy of Natural Health Sciences.

The Academy is a licensed educational institution of the state of New Jersey and is also recognized by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The Academy teaches a program that addresses theory as well as practical nutrition in areas such as detoxification, weight-loss, aesthetic aromatherapy, and sports nutrition in addition to advanced nutrition. Students will take a clinical look at physiology, energy metabolism and overall food values in addition to genetics, aging, and pregnancy. The course even addresses nutritional deficiencies and specialized diets.

The course at 500 hours is concise, but is designed to provide students with a well-rounded curriculum that also includes counseling and business practicums, health and clinical assessments. And upon successful completion, the student is awarded the Academy's Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health (CL.N.®) Diploma.

Students also are provided with things such as professional support, field resources and wholesale access to one of the biggest nutritional products distributors in the United States product line of professional, holistic nutrition and herbal products, access which continues long after graduation. And because the school is certified by the State of New Jersey, tuition assistance is available to students who qualify.

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About Academy of Natural Health Sciences

Nutrition lovers can enjoy numerous benefits when they understand how nutrition affects overall health of human beings. The course provided by this academy provides comprehensive knowledge and training for participants to ensure healing, good health and well-being.

Academy of Natural Health Sciences
102 Green Street
Woodbridge, NJ 07095 USA
Phone: 732-634-2155

Website: to learn more about this one of a kind nutrition program

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