Author E.B. Joseph has launched a Self-Publishing Roadmap for Authors and Teachers on Fiverr.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- Plan2Win Solutions, the author’s brainchild company, is offering a special deal exclusively to their Fiverr customers. For a five dollar fee, buyers are given coaching tools in the form of flow charts to navigate their route to their desired outcome. The service is particularly of help to writers and teachers who need to bring their ideas together into a cohesive body of work on a limited budget.

Joseph has four books available on Amazon and teaches two courses on, the increasingly popular learning portal for those who wish to learn online.

Budget enterprises are high value, low cost answers to modern dilemmas. None more so than the dilemmas faced by authors and entrepreneurs—many of whom are overwhelmed at the amount of possibilities open to them on the internet. Guaranteed to increase income and internet presence, the flowcharts outline simple steps for users to follow in order to position themselves with a digital product to sell with a minimum of frustration or expense.

“I like using Flow Charts because they give the reader a sense of direction in a simplified format,” says Joseph, an experienced digital product creator and marketer. “I think my consolidated flow charts will save you a lot of frustration. When I started, I was bombarded by information. I spent a lot of money with little results. I have consolidated my lessons learned in one place.”

Amazon’s Kindle and Udemy’s new portal for teachers have both made hugely positive changes to the world, allowing millions to create a source of income from their knowledge, expertise or creativity. As each generation becomes aware of the possibility to start creating passive income, more and more disinformation and hype starts to drown out the simplicity at the heart of the process.’s increasingly popular micro jobbing format allows users such as Joseph and Plan2Win Solutions to offer help to others at a low cost and create a business relationship that lasts.

To learn more about how to increase your passive income with digital publishing and/or creating your own Udemy course, visit:

Contact: EB. Joseph
Tel: 954-612-8426

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