Over a single lunch, attendees learn to improve their memory exponentially


Over a single lunch, attendees learn to improve their memory exponentially

Singapore -- Pinnacle Minds, Singapore’s premier memory training organization, has begun to offer the “Lunch and Learn” talks. These short programs are designed to allow busy executives to learn how to improve their memories and become more productive over the course of a single lunch. Pinnacle Minds’ Founder and Guinness Book Record Holder Sancy Suraj teaches participants that they have a great memory already, shows them the different methods of memorisation and how to use four powerful memory techniques. More information is available at

“Our Lunch and Learn Talks are designed to be the fastest and most effective memory training in the world. Many memory training courses take weeks, making what is really a very simple concept so complex that it is difficult to master. I teach this course with the idea that everyone starts with a great memory, they simply need to tap into it.” – Sancy Suraj, Founder, Pinnacle Minds

ThePinnacle Minds’ Lunch and Learn Talks combine leading edge science with the fascinating experience of the World Record Holder for Memory. Sancy Suraj is recognized as having the best memory in the world, so who better to teach participants how to remember anything. During the Lunch and Learn Talk, attendees learn to count to ten in Japanese, learn the Roman Room technique and learn games for flawless memory.

“How many times a day do some of us say it, ‘I have a bad memory. I forget my own name’? That is not true. Science has proven that everyone has a great memory, the problem is that many people simple were never taught how to use their memory. I will show attendees this in a single lunch time. And nothing is more amazing than seeing the attendees faces when they realize that they actually understand it and can remember anything.” – Sancy Suraj, Founder, Pinnacle Minds

Pinnacle Minds, a memory training company based in Singapore, is made up of a group of skilfully motivated professionals that specialises in the teachings of superior lifelong memory improvement techniques. For more information, you may visit their website at

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