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Robert Galarowicz ND founder of Healthy Kidney Publishing has released a 3 minute video on about what foods will improve kidney disease and what supplements have been clinically proven in multiple studies to reverse kidney damage. You can watch the video by clicking …

Reverse Kidney Disease

Below are some of the things covered in the video that Robert goes over …

What many people don’t know is that exciting old and new research has shown that fiber from foods and supplements has the ability to improve kidney function naturally and reverse kidney disease. This is an exciting new natural treatment!

A diet high in fiber has health benefits, including a reduced risk of obesity, Type II diabetes and heart disease. Supplemental fiber and dietary foods with high fiber content has the ability to improve kidney disease by raising eGFR and lowering creatinine. The natural treatment fiber can also lower ldl cholesterol, which is often a problem in kidney disease. It has additional added benefits of improving digestive troubles, constipation, diarrhea and hemorrhoids. It also contains added nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

A study published in the Kidney International Journal showed that a kidney disease diet high in dietary total fiber intake is associated with reduced risk of inflammation and death in kidney disease. Fiber from foods also has the potential to reduce inflammation and all causes of death in chronic kidney disease.

An additional study published in the Journal of Renal Nutrition in May 2013 showed that increasing fiber intake in people with CKD through the consumption of foods with added fiber (natural supplemental fiber) can reduce blood creatinine levels and improve eGFR. These two studies showed that adequate fiber intake plays a crucial role in kidney disease. By reducing inflammation in the kidney and throughout the human body, one can only improve their kidney function.

To Summarize …

Kidney disease is a progressively horrible condition which can be significantly improved and even avoid dialysis by starting a well-designed fiber rich kidney disease diet program, using natural treatments and supplements into a conventional treatment approach.

Fiber is broken down in two types. Soluble fiber, which dissolves in water and becomes gelatinous as it goes through the digestive system, is essential for regulating the blood pressure and the body’s cholesterol. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water, does not change its form as it passes through the digestive system, and functions to keep the digestive system in optimum working order.

Exactly how does fiber supplements and fiber rich kidney friendly foods work to improve kidney function. This is believed to be by reducing uremic toxins. These are toxins that build up in kidney disease because the kidney organ doesn’t have the capacity to properly filter out the bodies waste.

If you want to know additional foods and supplements to improve kidney function watch a free video presentation at …

There is another additional free video at …

.. that has 5 kidney protecting nutrients and toxic foods to avoid with kidney disease. The three FREE videos alone can help you improve your kidney function and potentially avoid dialysis.

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Robert Galarowicz is a naturopath and nutritionist who has dealt with every stage of kidney disease. He has been through kidney failure, dialysis and a living with a renal transplant. He has devoted his life to researching and providing the world with natural treatments that can help anyone with kidney disease.

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