Company Presents Rainwater Harvesting Tank Solutions in Wake of Warm Summer and Water Rate Increases for Farmers and Growers

Peterborough based plastic water tank company oresents rainwater harvesting colutions in wake of warm UK summer and impending water rate increases.

Peterborough, UK -- Enduramaxx, the Peterborough-based plastic water tank specialist has reacted to fallout from the warmest summer in recent years, coupled with impending water rate rises by presenting a number of solutions to help farmers save water and money through rainwater harvesting tanks.

2013 was one of the warmest summers the UK has experienced since 2006. Although the year’s harvest has been plentiful, with the apple harvest in particular experiencing a bumper year and with the added bonus of rich flavours from the warm weather, warm weather does pose a risk for depleting water supplies.

In addition, SWARM (South West Agricultural Resource Management) reports that water is no longer a cheap and plentiful resource to famers and growers and that those based in the South West are particularly at risk as water bills are set to rise by as much as 8 per cent.
One of the main areas whereby farmers can make considerable savings and can be assured plentiful water supplies in times of shortage come from the implementation of rainwater harvesting techniques. Enduramaxx provides a number of rainwater harvesting tank solutions that can be installed by farms and similar organisations to ensure that rainwater is collected efficiently and stored effectively for times of need.

Not only are Enduramaxx rainwater harvesting tanks sturdy, but they also come in a number of sizes and styles to suit all installations. In addition to water rate savings, Enduramaxx rainwater harvesting tanks are Water Technology Approved and listed on the government website, As part of the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme, 100 per cent of first-year capital allowance for investment in certain water efficient plant and machinery can be saved also.

Farmers and growers wishing to learn more about the Enduramaxx range of rainwater harvesting tanks and also the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme should visit for contact information.


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