The Perfect Memento - Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

23 NOVEMBER 2013, UK
Are you looking for a piece of silver fingerprint jewellery that is truly unique and inspirational? If so, the new website by silver fingerprint jewellery’s new kid on the block will be right up your street. Established by a mother of two forced to create her own jewellery designs as she couldn’t find what she wanted, offers a refreshing alternative in bespoke jewellery.
UK -- Are you looking for a special gift? If so prepare to be beguiled by the bespoke silver fingerprint jewellery offered by the new kid on the block in handcrafted jewellery, Jacqueline, owner of Whimsy Silver.

Jacqueline opened the doors of her new website,, a short while ago because the lack of choice of truly original and inspiring fingerprint jewellery frustrated her. We asked her to elaborate on this and this is what she had to say. “My interest in fingerprint jewellery is quite selfish really. When my son was born I was desperate to capture his fingerprint on a pendant. I couldn’t find anything special enough so I decided to make my own. Thus Whimsy Silver was born.”

Just what is Silver Fingerprint Jewellery?

The term refers to a silver item such as a pendant or charm that has an impression of a fingerprint on it. Although most fingerprint jewellery contains a child’s print, items incorporating adults’ prints are becoming extremely popular. In fact, Whimsy Silver’s best selling piece at the moment is a novel twist on the traditional family tree. It consists of a fine-silver fingerprint bird representing each member of the family; mum, dad and junior/s, all perching happily on a pen and ink branch. Each little bird is shaped by hand and stamped with an initial so that you know who is who.

Another trend in the market which Whimsy Silver is actively encouraging with their new designs is the growing fashion for men’s fingerprint jewellery. Long gone are the days when wearing jewellery was the prerogative of women and pirates! Having the imprint of his child’s tiny fingerprint woven into the design of a pendant or charm gives even the most macho of men the excuse to wear a piece of jewellery. And, if a pendant is maybe going a bit too far for some men, Jacqueline has a range of masculine designs that even the most diehard male will find acceptable.

Jacqueline claims that her designs, which incorporate a number of shapes and embellishments such as birthstones, offer proud parents not just a beautiful piece of jewellery but a cherished memento of their child that they can take with them wherever they go. She believes that her jewellery is different from the crowd because it is truly bespoke and she goes out of her way to ensure that the personalities of her customers reflect the designs that she creates for them.

So, if you are seeking a supplier of fine silver fingerprint jewellery which has personality and style, we suggest you pay a visit to Jacqueline’s website at Once there you will be able to garner a multitude of ideas to help you design your own unique cherished memories.

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