For Crime Happen At All Hours There Need To Be Lawyers Available At All Hours.

Ariano and Reppucci, a law firm located in Tucson is one of the very few law firms that is available 24/7 for all kinds of criminal consultations for the people, that too at prices that are affordable and certainly beat the prices that their competitors pose.
Tucson, AZ (November 23, 2013): Very few law firms are capable of understanding the problems of their clients in depth and are able to deal with it. Ariano and Reppucci are one such firm who do. They possess the understanding that crimes happen at all hours of the night and therefore people need help with lawyers even at night, by making themselves available 24/7, on call, they strive to cater to the needs of their clients without any hassle even at odd hours.

At Ariano and Reppucci, the cases are not just passed on to junior law assistants and other people who are not trained or experienced enough. One can be at peace that their case rests with the right people who are well experienced and qualified to do what they are doing. The tucson criminal defense attorney here is happy to help the people with any kind of advice on criminal matters and make their clients aware of the laws, rules and regulations and facilities that are made by the state for the people to avail and follow.

They also provide free consultation on call or at their Tucson office, the clients can also request for an evening or a weekend appointment if it is very urgent or nearly impossible for the client to make it to one during the regular working hours.

About us: Ariano and Reppucci, is a firm started by two well educated, experienced and dedicated attorneys- Chris H. Ariano and Ryan M. Reppucci. Both of them have completed their graduation from well reputed universities and have studied and practiced in courts. Recognizing the fact that crime is a huge threat to the society today, and crimes happen at all hours of the night, they strive to go out of their way and try to help the people with their criminal cases at all times of the day. Their prices beat the ones that are posed by their competitors with much better service.

Media and Contact Details: Name: Christopher Ariano
e-mail id:
Ph. No.: 520-461-1077

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