Snag A Job Update: New Rules Would Allow Snag A Job To Make Sure No Applicant Leaves Empty Handed


If you want to snag a job fast without having to wait your turn and compete with other applicants, you might want to sign up with Snag A Job. The newly set up Jobs Hiring department of Snag A Job along with the updated modus operandi of the company promises to offer almost guaranteed employment to everyone who signs up in 7-10 days.

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This major job search website has undergone some serious makeover after the board of members decided in a meeting last month that job seekers deserve to have faster access to actual employers based on qualifications and experience rather than having to wait their turn and compete with each other in the job search race.

All job search websites affiliated to Snag A Job have received a facelift after the board meeting and according to job market analysts, this decision is going to have a huge positive impact on the US job market.

What Does this Mean To Job Seekers?
Unlike other job search websites, job seekers on Snag A Job wouldn’t have to submit their C.Vs and wait their turn to be found by potential employers – the “Jobs Hiring” team at Snag A Job is going to screen C.Vs based on qualification and experience and pitch the most qualified candidates (for a particular role) directly to the employers.

A particular employer would have to mandatorily contact all candidates referred by Snag A Job and make a hiring decision within 7-10 days. Since the quality screening is already done by the “Jobs Hiring” team at Snag A Job, the employer wouldn’t have to waste time finding out if an applicant fits the bill – he can directly proceed to “cherry pick” people from a list of eligible candidates referred by Snag A Job.
What about those candidates who don’t make it the first time?

The “Jobs Hiring” team, according to the Snag A Job spokesperson, would pitch only a handful candidates against one vacancy thereby increasing the “hiring” rate; however, there might still be candidates who wouldn’t get picked up the first time. These candidates would be placed higher in the “second list” by Snag A Job when working with the second employer having similar requirements. That would make sure everyone gets a fair chance as far as employment is concerned.

Snag A Job introduces more part time jobs for the left out candidates:

The left out candidates who don’t make it the first time would also be introduced to several employers offering part time jobs. According to the company spokesperson, the higher number of part time jobs at Snag A Job is going to ensure that no one leaves empty handed.

You can apply for part time jobs on Snag A Job here.

Dolores M. McKnight
Show Low, AZ

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