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Philadelphia, PA -- The American Roofing Contractors, aka the Local Philly Roofers, is a company comprising of team members who are willing and happy to assist their clients with any kinds of roofing solutions that they require. The range of services that they offer are wide and are pretty much applicable to all kinds of houses. The key services that they provide are:

- Flat roofing types, construction/re-construction or any repair.
- Hot Asphalt.
- Slate and tile repairs.
- Shingles.
- Repair of gutters and down spouts.
- HVAC services.
- Sliding services.

Sliding roofs are very complicated roofs and not man companies are able to handle them right. There are over 10 different parts on a sliding roof that need attention. Which is why, the American Roofing Contractors have a team who have attained expertise in these kinds of roofs and have a separate set for services only for sliding roofs. The different products and the services available are:

- Matching or contrasting accessories and trim installation techniques.
- Excellent wind resistance.
- Low maintenance.
- Deep, authentic wood grains.
- Variety of textures and profiles to match any design.
- Complete system of sliding, decorative shapes and soffit & fascia.

The weather in the United States of America varies wildly from season to season. Many a times the snow can break into one’s roof and even damage it. While nothing can be done to change the weather, reliable solutions- with the help of Local Philly Roofers, can be employed to make sure that the roof of the premise does not fall weak to any conditions.

About Us: are not just any company who come, work and leave. There is proper communication that is established between the client and the company as the client is informed about the happenings in his premise. Also the team employed in the team is highly qualified, educated and trained in what they do. We at the Local Philly roofers also understand the importance of a roof, which is why we also offer consultations, free quotes and also advice people on how to maintain their roof better.

Media Contact Details:
Name: David Mazzoni
Phone: 215-740-0496
Location: Philadelphia, PA

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