Realtor Extends Invite To Homeowners Wanting Exceptional Service

Just launched, a new website for all things real esate in the Maryland area of the US. If you're looking for a top notch realtor in the area, check it out.

Announcing a new website for all things real estate in the state of Maryland, U.S.A. Realtors In Maryland. Through broker Home Resource Realty, on this website home sellers and buyer alike can find important information on the real estate market in most areas of Maryland.

Today, with ever changing times, it's important to stay updated on the market in your area and you won't find a better source of information than here. In addition, anyone not familiar with the buying and selling process will find lots of useful advice. Be an educated consumer and read it before diving in to purchase or sell your home.

As an experienced realtor in Maryland, Marcellus Kendell has a lot to bring to the table. Many of these advantages are:

1. He's an active agent, listing, selling, and finding properties for buyers and sellers on a regular basis. He really does know the market in Maryland inside and out., understanding that one street can make a difference in the quality of the neighborhood, property taxes, zip code and more, Marcellus can guide clients to their perfect area or help them avoid the ones they might not like.

2. A good realtor is hard to find, and a good problem solver even harder. Marcellus is one of the best in the area. Knowing that some transactions don't get to the settlement table, superior service to avoid any problems is the goal that is always achieved through hard work. Don't settle for agents that sit back and don't reply to your phone calls, or simply just wait for things to happen. It's not magic. Getting to the settlement table is a process that needs to be followed and responded to along the way.

3. Building relationships is Marcellus' number one priority. Clients are not just customers, they're people too. Marcellus strives to see to it that all clients needs are met, and that their dreams of selling or buying are reallized. There is no greater satisfaction that giving people something to smile about ane he does that and more.

3. Mr. Kendell is a certified distressed property expert. This means that he knows how to naviagate the complicated process of buying foreclosures, short sales, and any other abandoned homes. In Maryland, foreclosures and bank owned properties are still prevelant and good deals can be had in all areas of the state. People looking for sweat equity or investors wanting to buy and flip should contact Marcellus at "Realtors In Maryland" about the opportunites available in the area.

5. Marcellus, being the well rounded agent, know the various financing options available to buyers and the state and federally run programs to get money out to the people that need it. 203K loans, verterans options and other FHA programs are all something he has dealt with and is intimately familiar. Anyone having financing issues should contact him. He just might be able to help.

The competition in the real estate field is great, no doubt about it. There are a lot of realtors you can choose. Marcellus Kendell of Realtors In will set himself apart from the others, being the client's guide to the entire process, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to, and a problem solver to get the ultimate destination - the settlement table.

In short, you won't find a better website for information on real estate and listings in the Maryland area of the US. and you won't find a better realtor in the area. Find out for yourself by visiting the website, Realtors In Maryland at

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Marcellus Kendell
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Laurel, Md 207078

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