Vintage-Inspired Natural Soap Maker Opas Soap Announces 6th Anniversary of Business


Los Angeles, CA – In 2012, the organic and natural industry earned nearly 91 billion dollars in sales. Opas Soup, a family-run vintage-inspired organic soap company, is proud to announce their company is part of that tremendous growth and is celebrating a sixth year in business. Founded in 1997 by organic-loving couple Mercedes and Thomas, Opas Soap embraces old world techniques from the Renaissance, Restoration, and Naturalism eras. The product line relies on the freshest natural ingredients available for their natural hair care products, organic beauty products, teas, spices, and more, with over 80 products available.

Opas Soap strives to deliver products that are natural yet luxurious, pampering the body with purity. Their commitment to sustainability ways extends throughout their brand, with eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable inks, and the use of vegetable oils and ingredients from nature. Opas Soap began with organic soap and branched in a variety of other products, including natural skin care products and natural shampoos. The company now offers over 20 soaps, in scents like oatmeal, lavender, macadamia nut, chamomile and more. They formulate their products with rich aromatherapy scents for a healing experience each time they’re used. Opas Soap also carries loofas, scrubs, laundry soap, and more. All of their products are in line with their dedicated to providing natural goods at an affordable cost. The company manufactures their own hydrosols and extracts to ensure no chemical contamination.

“We’re thrilled to be celebrating the sixth anniversary of our company and anticipate many more,” a company spokesperson stated. “Our mission is to create innovations where science and nature meet to create a gentle and natural product that benefits the mind, body and soul.”

Opas Soap was founded in 2007 by a nature-committed couple. The company has grown beyond organic soap to encompass a range of categories for the mind, body, and home. The company’s mission is to develop products that promote an awareness of the benefits of all-natural lifestyle, and embrace all nature has to offer. Using recipes and techniques from hundreds of years ago, Opas Soap is old-world tradition meets modern innovation with nature. For more information and to see their full line of products, please visit

Contact: Mercedes Kennedy
Tel: 805 626 3727

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