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Toronto, ON — It’s that time of the year when everyone starts to feel the health itch. Here comes the new year and I need to get healthy and lose the weight. If you are a Torontonian then you may have already heard of PTL Fitness. If not, well now you are in luck, because the best online personal trainer in Toronto has just gone global.

Now no matter where you are in the world you can log into the Pro Trainer Live’s interactive website for daily workouts, nutritional information, meal plans, and real advice from a nationally accredited personal trainer. With over 100 plus body transformation and weight loss success stories, Pro Trainer Live has perfected the art of weight loss to a science.

Stats Canada reports that over 13 million adults in Canada alone are overweight and could significantly benefit from an effective exercise and nutrition program. The problem lies sometimes in the time and flexibility of going to the gym to workout. Pro Trainer Live solves this by making the workout come to you via live internet feeds. You can join in on the program live or follow it later when you have the time. Each workout is stored in the archives along with the exact information on what to eat and when to make the optimal gains in muscle and loss of fat. It truly is a global solution and people from all over the world can use the expert advice of a personal trainer to ensure they are doing the proper exercises and eating the right foods to maximize the health benefits and achieve their health goals as soon as possible.

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