Diet Pills 2014 launches early for the new year

Diet Pills 2014 is a time sensitive consumer website set up to review, rate and compare the most popular diet pills from the consumer, non-prescription market.

Following on from the success of Diet Pills 2013, the 2014 edition is not that much different in terms of look, accessibility and products rated.

Website owner, Antony Gerald, states that the consumer has to navigate a minefield in terms of not only which product will give them the most value in terms of potential weight loss but also which company is reputable and least likely to scam them. The diet industry, especially the supplement market is rife with companies that hold profit over user experience and so websites such as this one are vital to upkeep the integrity of the industry.

There are many different variations and genres of diet pills; from fat burners to appetite suppressants to carb blockers - each with a different mechanic of action. Potential users must also be educated how the different products work and what ingredients are included in them to safe guard against ingesting an ingredient or substance that may interfere with a existing medication or upset, aggravate or imbalance an intolerance or allergy. Potential users must also understand that they must inform their doctor or healthcare provider if they decide to take diet supplements.

Dietpills2014 aims to address all questions, comments and criticisms in an unbiased and level manner during the course of the year by way of a comment section after each webpage or post. There will also be tools available that will help users such as a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator that can give estimations to whether users need assistance from a supplement.

Dietpills2014 is a commercial based website and so will ultimately be funded by way of advertising and affiliation. Advertising will be kept to a strict minimum as to benefit user experience. There will be absolutely no use of pop ups.

If you would like to find out more then please use the following methods of contact

Antony Gerald,
Widdington Saffron Walden CB11 3SU

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