Best Money Clip is delighted to announce the launch of their website,

The Definitive Guide, Comparison and Review site for Money Clips


“If you are sick of carrying a large wallet and having all that bulk in your pocket, you’ve probably considered a money clip. But which money clip would you choose? The aim of is to provide you with a straightforward comparison of the best money clips out there, enabling you to find the one most suited to your taste and budget.”

Whether somebody is buying for themself or as a gift, the website provides essential information to anybody who is considering a money clip.

Interactive charts and product comparisons
With an almost endless choice of money clips out there Best Money Clip decided to create a series of charts and comparisons so that people can compare money clips against each other. The “Money Clip Guide” is an interactive chart containing over 60 money clips, where the user is able to see all of these in one place and sort the money clips by material, price range and product name.

Something for everyone
The website doesn’t only cover well known brands such as M-Clip, Money Clamp and Bosca. ???? Higher end luxury money clips and more affordable budget options sit together.

People can now visit the website and take advantage of the numerous tools and resources.

Best Money Clip is a website dedicated to money clips. It is the definitive guide, review and comparison resource for the best money clips out there. The aim of the website is to help people find the money clip most suited to their taste and budget. The site features an interactive chart, containing more than 60 different money clips, enabling people to compare them by material, price and product name.

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