New SEO Service Offers Cleveland Businesses Innovative Solution for Getting In Front of Buyers

Announcing the launch of a brand new marketing service that helps businesses in the Cleveland area get in front of more customers using the power of search engines.

Eugene Farber, a digital marketing consultant and founder of, announced today the launch of Cleveland SEO, a service which helps the city’s local businesses boost their profits with the power of search engines.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a process by which websites are enhanced for specific keywords to rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing.

“If you aren’t currently on the first page of search engines for terms that buyers are searching, you can potentially double your revenue with a quality SEO service,” said Farber.

Studies have shown that as much 93 percent of online experiences originate on a search engine. More importantly, 89 percent of purchasing decisions begin on search engines. Most consumers find that whether a new purchase was made online or off, it usually began with research on a search engine like Google.

The process of ranking a website on search engines is quite technical. SEO includes optimizing your own website as well as building external signals to communicate quality to the search engines in order to rank above the competition.

How is good rank defined? “The goal is obviously always to get to that coveted number one position,” Farber explains. “But you absolutely have to be positioned on the first page of the results because 75% of users will never make it to the second page. That means businesses not ranking on the first page for targeted keywords are not getting exposure to the vast majority potential customers who are actively looking to make a purchase, and those customers are going to their competitors.”

Featured on MSN, CNN, Yahoo Small Business Advisor, and Intuit, Farber is a digital marketing consultant who helps businesses create marketing strategies and establish systems that make them more profitable. “And that includes SEO that ‘sticks’,” Farber added.

Mr. Farber is currently taking on new clients for his new “business-boosting” SEO Service. You can learn more and contact him by going to

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