Swiss Contract Cleaners Helps Prevent Spread of Flu Virus


Los Angeles, CA – It's flu season. Flu shots are being given out at Pharmacies, clinics and drug stores. Hand sanitizer is becoming a scarce commodity and everyone is taking extra pre-cautions to sterilize and ensure they don't get the flu virus. In Los Angeles, CA, one cleaning service, Swiss Cleaning Services, is helping their clients sterilize their businesses against the flu virus with a free flu sanitation service.

Businesses, whether a retail store, bank or office building are public gathering places and flu virus breeding grounds. Businesses can help their customers by sanitizing their space. Swiss Cleaning Services of Los Angeles can help them with this service and even offer them 50% off their first month's cleanings to make it easier to add a cleaning service.

And businesses don't have to worry about putting money aside for a cleaning supplies budget. Swiss Cleaning Services employees come with their own cleaning supplies. Hours are no problem either as Swiss Cleaning Services work seven days a week making it easy for businesses to work around cleaning hours so it doesn't make doing business difficult by having to speak over vacuums or set up an obstacle course to get from office to conference room over trash bags and emptied bins.

All employees of Swiss Cleaning Services have passed thorough deep background checks. Swiss believes their integrity is fundamentally rooted in the integrity of their employees so only the best can be Swiss.

Flu sanitation is only one of their many offered services. They also clean hotels, restaurants, health care offices and resorts. They are able to offer green cleaning and dispose of medical waste. They even provide recycling services. Since Swiss Contract Cleaners is local to Los Angeles, they know the needs and special requirements of their Los Angeles clientele. They also offer a 'clean until you smile' guarantee. If anything happens and a client is not fully satisfied, they agree to come back for free and fix the problem.

For more information, visit

Swiss Cleaning Services
7119 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Contact: John Harris
Title: CEO
Phone: 323-744-7170

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