Announce the Launch of the Site's Definitive Guide & Comparison Chart to Choose the Right Money Clips for Men, Just in Time for the Holidays!

The site, at, includes comparison charts and reviews to help select the right money clip to suit the style of a particular person

A new website focusing on money clips,, has just been launched to provide customers with a straightforward comparison of the best money clips available online. The site's definitive guide and comparison charts have been created to enable consumers to find the one most suited to someone's particular taste, budget and style.

“If you are sick of carrying a bulky wallet, you've probably considered a money clip.. but which money clip would you choose?” asks Jonathan Dudley, founder of “This is what plenty of men, like myself, wondered when browsing for a money clip – some luxury clips didn't fit my style while others were perfect for my budget.”

Jonathan started to help people find the right money clip, whether a man is buying one for himself or someone is looking for a gift. With essential information to anybody wants to purchase a money clip, the website includes interactive charts and product comparisons so people can compare money clips against each other.

“The 'Money Clip Guide' is an interactive chart containing over 60 money clips, where you are able to see all of the clips in one place,” said Jonathan. “Plus, you can sort the money clips by a particular material, its price range and brand names.”

Jonathan also points out that covers well-known brands, such as M-Clip, Money Clamp and Bosca, in addition to more affordable brands. The luxurious, high-end clips will be mixed with affordable clips – the only choice is which one is best for you!

For more information, please visit and take advantage of the numerous tools to shop for the perfect money clip as a gift during this holiday season.

Best Money Clip is a website dedicated to money clips. It is the definitive guide, review and comparison resource for the best money clips out there. The aim of the website is to help people find the money clip most suited to their taste and budget. The site features an interactive chart, containing more than 60 different money clips, enabling people to compare them by material, price and product name.

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