Sealing Tape Specialist Seals Australian Deal

Details Nottinghamshire based manufacturer of sealant tape and sealing compounds and how their revolutionary tape is being used throughout the globe.
Nottinghamshire, UK

Nottinghamshire’s Cobas UK Ltd, a supplier of quality sealing tapes and sealant compounds has recently returned from Australia where it closed a deal to supply 5-inch copper tape.

Cobas UK’s unique range of metal and pfte anti-seize tapes and compounds enable specialists working in plumbing and gas fitting, including oxygen, to complete their work more effectively aided by the higher quality tapes, all of which are thicker than the industry standard.

The Cobas range includes metal oxygen-safe tape, ptfe anti-seize tapes, sealing compounds and bearing polymers with a product to suit all needs and all industries. Cobas UK’s copper anti-seize tape is suitable for use with standard screwed threads to prevent corrosion and can be used to replace anti-seize greases currently on the market. The product is resistant across temperatures from -200c to 200c and will not seize at these temperatures when used as an anti-seize product.

The recent deal with an Australian reseller means that Cobas UK’s superior products will be made more readily available to the Australasian market and were chosen because of their thicker than normal nature, meaning that tapes need fewer winds and are less likely to fray and seize.

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Cobas UK Ltd
16 Minster Gardens
NG16 2AT
Telephone: [44] 1773-719922
Fax: [44] 1773-719933


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