Tinea Versicolor Treatment System announces: 9,000 Americans cured


The Tinea Versicolor Treatment system that launched in October last year (2012) now announces to have successfully helped 9,000 Americans cure their ugly Sun Spots (also known as White Spots, Tinea Versicolor and Pityriasis Versicolor). This alternative method by Mark G goes against traditional medicine and claims to cure tinea versicolor in 7-14 days. TreatmentBlogger asked what's the secret to the success of this method.

Read full description of Tinea Versicolor Cure™ here.

Statistics state that over 8% of the entire population of U.S. suffer from Tinea Versicolor at some point in their lives and it can affect anyone regardless of their skin color. Most frequently it hits teenagers and adults in twenties and thirties.

Authority medicine website Mayoclinic.com writes: “Antifungal creams, lotions or shampoos can help treat tinea versicolor. But even after successful treatment, skin color may remain uneven for several weeks. Tinea versicolor often recurs, especially in warm, humid weather."

Alternative method practitioner assures that creams and lotions help treat the conditions but only give short-term relief as they never deal with the root cause of the infection and underlying problems in your body.

“The effective way to treat Tinea Versicolor is to eliminate the yeast from inside out and that's exactly the opposite of what the pharmaceutical industry wants you to do”, Mark G is not afraid to state.

Mark G swears to have discovered a permanent and natural cure for those ugly sun spots: “9,000 happy Americans are the proof to my humble discovery”, he says.

For full program description and customer testimonials, see http://treatmentblogger.com/tinea-versicolor/

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