Healthy Breakfast Options For Students


With a number of unhealthy options flooding the market, many nutritionists and health experts are now considering to focus and propagating ideas for healthy breakfast recipes at home, schools and colleges. This essential step is taken to ensure that children always feel great during study hours and have an active lifestyle.

Health experts believe that teachers and parents have to use creative ideas to instill healthy eating habits in their children and also support them by sparing considerable time talking about the right type of food, healthy breakfast choices and their benefits. A great day for any student begins with a healthy breakfast and simply instructing or dictating students what to do or not, will not work in the long run.

In college canteens, there needs to be a well-structured plan that will encourage students to choose healthy options. Fresh fruit shakes, snack bars and baked low fat meals are some best options in school or college canteen. At home, parents have a lot of options to treat their children with a healthy breakfast. Fruity smoothies drizzled with honey and seasoned with nuts are a good way to begin with.

With a number of healthy ideas soon to be implemented in schools and colleges, parents can give money for canteen to their children without any worries. Health experts and authorities are planning to start vending machines with snack bars, fruits and other healthy options. Students also have a choice to buy a meal plate with fruits, cereals, brown bread and other healthy options.

Some new suggestions, which are proposed for implementation in schools include
• Ensuring healthy availability of breakfast options, which essentially comprise of fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy products and whole grain breads.

  • Avoiding selling or promoting food items which contain sugar, fat, sodium and other high carb meals
  • Similar initiatives and proposals will be implemented considering the acceptability and parents/students preference. The concern for healthy breakfast campaign is the outcome of the need of healthy practices in family and gradually minimizes the junk food popularity in school and colleges. Heath experts believe that if the right action is taken from home ensuring healthy breakfast practices that will encourage students to choose the right choices in school canteen as well.

    This proposal will also help to fight other children related health issues such as malnutrition, obesity, child diabetes etc. Ensuring a healthy and balanced diet for school going kids is the key to win a healthy living for children and this will help improve school results drastically. With the right healthy breakfast options at home and at school, students will live a healthy lifestyle and outshine from all education aspects at school or college.

    Donna W. Compton
    Green Cove Springs, FL

  • Varying meals by age group, beverages, portion size and sugar contents.
  • Parents to give more healthy food to students in their lunch boxes, essentially a fruit and whole grain bread sandwiches.
  • Parents to selectively give birthday treats to classmates, which contain less of junk food and encourage students to promote healthy eating and living.
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