Womens Breast Milk kills cancer cells


Although the special substance, referred to as HAMLET (Human Alpha- lactalbumin created deadly to tumor cells), was discovered in breast milk many years past, it's solely currently that it's been attainable to check it on humans. Patients with cancer of the bladder who were treated with the substance excreted dead cancer cells in their body waste (urine) when every treatment, that has given rise to hopes that it may be developed into medication for cancer care within the future.

So how is this related to “breast milk feeding”? , Most Mother's both young and old know that breast milk is the best and most natural remedy for anything, this includes: conjunctivitis, Ear Infections,Asthma,Obesity,Diarrhea,Childhood leukemia,Atopic dermatitis just to name a few.

According to Dr Miriam H. Labbok, UNICEF’s Senior Advisor on Infant and Young Child Feeding and Care, had quoted “ through extensive research as of late - breast milk feeding can save approx 1.3 Million life’s, that’s around 3,000 life’s every single day.

This statement is well supported by experts across the glob, how ever! There are a bunded of reasons why some mothers suffer with “dry out” or to put it simply -- a lack of milk supply.

This causes stress on the both infant(s) and Mothers of all ages, knowing the the bond that is currently being created by the mother and her child is lost, the first born would now be subjected to milk formular, the alternatives are over whelming and in some cases can cause confusion as to were to go from here.

Diane Walters: Author of Milk Up! Your Essential Guide To Boosting Your Milk Supply speaks about the traumatic experience's she went through as a mother her self,

We asked Diane a question: “What are the main reasons for mothers to lesson their own milk supply?

Diane told us that, there is no biological connections what so ever regarding this problem for women, in fact! Most will agree that, it comes down to a lack of information and ignorance at its best, these two factors have been reported by professional health care providers.

Some Mothers are well aware of the bonuses that her child will receive giving the opportunity to breast fed, sadly some Mothers have no idea how to hold their child in the feeding positions, there is also another fact known to first time Mothers, its the pure fact of pain that breast feeing can cause, angst and rebellion sets in after the mothers first attempt. To avoid such discomfort - Formular milk is use, wich means the infant misses out on all that natural goodness from its Mother.

This is by far the best publication out, Diane also talks about other contributing factors and facts e.g Medical Intervention, over production of Milk, Formular supplements and nipple confusion.

This publication is a must read for mothers who suffer with dry out for what ever giving reasons they are.

John McQueen


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