Dancing With The Stars’s Louis Van Amstel On Stage at The Stage in December

Widely known and popular professional dancer and instructor Louis Van Amstel is set to provide day-long certification classes at The Stage on December 15, 2013.

Widely known and popular professional dancer and instructor Louis Van Amstel is set to provide day-long certification classes at The Stage on December 15, 2013. Instructors who wish to get certified to teach Amstel’s LaBlast are invited to sign up for the incredible opportunity to learn from the program’s creator himself.

Aside from his notable experience as a dancer and instructor, Louis Van Amstel’s career was further heightened through his participation in the popular TV shows Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. The shows also made ballroom dancing more interesting to the public eye. More people wanted to learn the dance and took classes. However, there was still a void for those who do not have a partner or cannot afford hiring one and taking private lessons. There are also others who would rather prefer training individually, without a partner. This is one of the main reasons why Louis Van Amstel thought of creating LaBlast.

LaBlast is a carefully developed and professionally designed fitness regimen that focuses on ballroom dancing but is performed without a partner. It is meant to be a fun, cardio workout that can be enjoyed by people of different ages and gender. The workout includes all high energy Latin dances such as the cha cha, jive, and salsa, while incorporating quickstep, lindy hop, and even popular disco. LaBlast is not simply a form of dance or an exercise routine—it is also a lifestyle that aims to increase people’s self esteem and improve their outlook in life.

As one of the studios certified to offer LaBlast, The Stage is proud to announce that Louis Van Amstel himself is set to spend a whole day of fun at their studio for a fruitful dance and certification class. The class is scheduled on December 15, 2013, Sunday, and will run from 11 AM to 7 PM. Dancers and instructors who are interested in getting certified can sign up as early as now for a slot in this rare event.

Furthermore, The Stage is also adding LaBlast to their offered classes. Schedules will begin in January 2014.

Parties who want to sign up for the LaBlast certification class can visit www.TheStageStar.com. They can also check out The Stage’s Facebook page or call (702) 778-3100 to learn more today.

About The Stage
The Stage Professional Dance and Fitness Studio specializes in various dances and fitness programs. Located in Henderson, Nevada, they offer classes for ballet, jazz, tap, and other traditional genres. They also teach Zumba, belly dancing, and cardio dance, among other dance-workout routines. The studio is spearheaded by professional instructor Tracey Cutler.

Media Contact:
Name: Tracey Cutler
Phone: (702) 778-3100
Email Address: tracey@thestagestar.com
Address: 2510 Anthem Village Drive, Suite 150 Henderson, Nevada 89052

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