Now You Can Avoid The Cost of 087 & 09 Numbers With ICSS


Find Me Numbers recently launched their brand new website offering customers an easy to use way of looking up customer service phone numbers for top businesses in the UK. Find Me Numbers is an ICSS business directory service provider within the country and the directory is focused on providing its service to all of the highest profile businesses located across the nation.

ICSS stands for 'information call signposting service'. A basic explanation of which, is that the number you dial is directed to the number you want. So for example, if you wanted to call O2 customer services you would simply dial 0843 5 247 202 to be connected to a customer service representative and only pay 5 pence per minute to talk as long as required.

Find Me Numbers features instant connection to the customer service hotlines of various and well-known companies throughout the country. Using their ICSS technology their numbers are connected directly to the actual phone numbers of the businesses advertised in the directory. This connection will be a great help for all consumers resident in the UK and it will potentially save them time and money. It eliminates the need for them to search for official numbers and will save them money on any customer service lines running on 087 and 09 numbers.

Using or availing the service of Find Me Numbers is very convenient. The company will connect the users to the customer service department of any particular company they wish to contact. The process will be hassle-free as it takes away the need to look for the necessary details. In fact, this will help them avoid the dreaded rate of 09 or 087 numbers.

Most of the companies that offer similar services within the UK as Find Me Numbers only have an accurate connection rate of about 80% in connecting people with the right person. This is where Find Me Numbers is different as the company is fully determined to offer total and 100% accuracy to its clients. However, in a recent interview a spokes person for the company stated that "businesses in UK change their phone numbers from time to time due to various reasons, so although we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, we conduct regular inspection of our numbers to maintain the best service possible." And went on to say; "We recommend that if any customers experience a problem with getting connected to any of the numbers advertised, they simply call Find Me Numbers directly and the issue will be fixed as soon as possible."

Find Me Numbers is constantly growing and adding to their database of available numbers. To get more information about Find Me Numbers, to request a business number is added, or to save time and potentially money on your customer service calls, feel free to visit them at

Company: Find Me Numbers
Address: London, United Kingdom
Telephone Number: 0844 880 3690

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