Cashinpoker Announces Launch of Free Poker Training Platform

Everything a Beginner Needs to Become a Future Professional Millionaire Poker Player


Poker amateurs or professional poker player wannabes can find valuable information, amazing tips and strategies, as well as various animation videos and significant articles on that will help them join the big league.

As poker has been and always will be a catchy card game that has and always will have lots of people mesmerized by it and wanting to win real money, such an online platform is extremely important and helpful. offers many great articles on how to play Texas Hold’em poker by providing educational and fun to watch videos, as well as numerous real money game videos with in-depth walk through analysis.

Next to the essential data and strategies connected to poker, this extraordinary website offers to the public the assistance and advice provided by famous Rob Akery, the founder of . Any beginner will truly value his insight, especially considering that he is legendary for having turned $5 into $1 million by the age of 21 and for having won $1.3 million from live tournaments. Considering this, his expertise is highly appreciated. By the help of this platform, Akery’s exact techniques and approaches that made him a successful poker player are described and taught in detail; no stone is left unturned and all those wanting to learn and become victorious, can and will.
Anyone signing up free of charge on will get the Insider Guide in which Akery indicates exactly what anybody needs to know to make the first million and the Full Training Video on how he wins £14,000 in under 20 minutes. Both comprise noteworthy information and are vital for anybody wanting to become a pro.

The website offers an amazing 3-month poker mastery free membership during which any person will learn the fundamentals of winning in poker, how to play AA, KK, AK & AQ, how to play the draws, preflop play, the non-technical aspects of poker, optimal calling strategy, how to play the turn, how to play multiplayer pots, reading the opponents, and will get a range of training videos. Everything is provided by Akery who has tested all the remarkable strategies and put them to good use for winning lots of money. The founder’s desire and explanation for having created this platform and giving away free advice is that he wants to create a genuine Elite Rob Akery team made up of individuals selected specifically for highly lucrative games.

The testimonials on the website are great proof of Akery’s extraordinary training sessions that have helped many students become professionals and win money. That is why Cashinpoker is a trustworthy source of poker-related information and counseling that everybody can rely on and use for a better life.

To learn more about Cashinpoker, become a member (membership is free) and join the big poker league, please go to or fill in the contact form on the website.

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